Traveling means that I am eventually going to leave.  I know this going into any relationship, friendly or romantic.  As I am currently wrapped up in said relationship, I genuinely feel like this is where I should emotionally and physically be.  In real time these feelings are so strong- and that’s when it’s the hardest.  That’s when the realization sets in and that’s when I can honestly say that I am truly going to miss *insert name here.*

Then the time comes to say good bye and my brain remembers that this is what we do, we say good bye and we go on our merry way.  The emotions shut off, l forget how much I am going to miss *insert name here*, we hug and then I’m off.  No tears, no regrets, just memories.

This emotionless “see ya later” side of me has happened pretty quickly, which is something I wasn’t expecting.  I’m fairly new to traveling, so you’d think I’d need time to adjust to all these good byes, but…nope.  I have never been great with communication, feelings or emotions in general and to be honest, I think traveling has only hurt me in that department.

Good byes come with the territory, I get it.  This is what I signed up for after all.


Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 3.39.46 PM

Song of the day: If I Leave by A Day To Remember

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Just trying to figure out this so called "adulthood."

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