Strong, Just The Way I Am

This time last year Pantene Pro-V had THIS to say about father/daughter relationships and to them I had this to say… Originally written in February 2016 Dear Pantene Pro-V, I understand what you are getting at with your new NFL father daughter commercial. It’s cute, it’s heart warming and the fact that we get toContinue reading “Strong, Just The Way I Am”

Dear Ex Boyfriend, Thank you!

*The following blog post was published on the Travelettes website!!* Dear Ex Boyfriend, Thank You! I live in Los Angeles and my boyfriend had just relocated to New York.  I bought a plane ticket to visit him for his birthday in July; we broke up in June.  Shit!!  I’m certainly not gonna go to NewContinue reading “Dear Ex Boyfriend, Thank you!”

The End Of The Beginning

Seven years ago things were on the up and up!  My boyfriend and I had just moved in together, he was writing a soon to be successful screenplay and I was a thriving up and coming actor.  Okay, so that’s how we saw it at the time, little did we know that was very, veryContinue reading “The End Of The Beginning”