May 2018- June 2018* Tokyo or bust!!!  Why Tokyo?  Why not Tokyo???

March 2018- April 2018* Back at that tour life with High School Nation

December 2017- February 2018* “Home” for awhile

September 2017-November 2017* Loving that tour life with High School Nation 

June 2017- August 2017* I ran away to the Circus for the summer!

April 2017- May 2017*  Living that tour life with High School Nation 

January 2017- March 2017*  Orlando, Cleveland, LA, South Padre Island

December 2016- January 2017*  “Home” for the holidays

September 2016- November 2016*  Back on tour with High School Nation

June 2016- September 2016*  Wandering around the East Coast, see @mandiwanders?

May 2016*  Solo West Coast Road Trip!

March 2016- April 2016*  Working as the Social Media Manager on the High School Nation US 2016 Spring Tour

2004-2016*  In LA, working more then full time, all while “aspiring” to be an actress